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Former Playboy employee claims Bill Cosby sent her a card with a ‘crazy’ message after raping her

On Monday, Secrets of Playboy explored the alleged predatory behavior of actor Bill Cosby. Since 2014, 60 women have accused the comedian of sexual assault, some of which alledgedly took place at the Playboy Mansion. “When the whole Cosby story broke, I was like, oh, man, none of that was a surprise. You know, I was there. I saw–I know what he did.” Former Playboy employee PJ Masten claimed Cosby raped and sodemized her while she was working for the company in Chicago. “I woke up in bed naked, and I looked to my left, and there he was naked, sleeping next to me, and I was in a panic,” Masten recalled. “And I slivered out of the bed to try to collect my clothes that were all over the floor, and I had blood coming down my leg ’cause he sodomized me. And blood was dripping on the floor. I put my clothes on, but there was a lot of blood. It was a lot of blood. I dripped it all the way out in the lobby in the hotel.” Masten had been friends with Cosby for years prior to the assault. She shared a card he sent her the day after the alledged rape. “This is the original card that he sent me the following day after he raped me – – when he sent me a 4-foot ficus tree,” Masten said.”It says, ‘Stay healthy mentally. Stay in charge of yourself. Bill Cosby.’ How crazy was that?” Masten attempted to report the assault but claims that due to Hugh Hefner and Cosby’s close friendship, she was told she’d be fired for making a fuss. Sondra Theodore, Hefner’s girlfriend of five years, explained why he catered to Cosby’s perversions. “Cosby was his go-to celebrity at the Jazz Festival, at the tennis tournament,” Theodore said. “It was Cosby the funny man that did these things for Hef. Because of that, he was allowing the women to be used.”

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